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This robot is better at soft-tissue surgery than a human

A newly developed robot is capable of performing soft-tissue surgery, and indeed performed better on tests than a human surgeon.

By May 4, 2016


NASA Dawn mission nabs a big win in aviation circles

For its journey to far-flung corners of the solar system, NASA takes home the Collier Trophy, a prize that's gone to Orville Wright, the Apollo 11 crew and other pioneers of air and space travel.

By March 12, 2016


Solar Impulse 2 lands in desert after soaring in Silicon Valley

Aircraft is attempting the first around-the-world solar trek. It's stopping in US destinations, including Silicon Valley, Phoenix and New York.

By May 2, 2016


Chatting with the pilot of the Solar Impulse 2 solar-powered airplane

CNET gets a close-up look at the first plane journeying around the Earth fueled only by the sun's energy. One of the pilots, André Borschberg, talks about what it's like to fly in a solar-powered aircraft just days before departing California.

By May 2, 2016


Airliner at Europe's busiest airport wasn't hit by a drone after all, authorities say

The incident over London's Heathrow airport apparently unnecessarily heightened public concern over unmanned aircraft.

By April 28, 2016


UK transport minister downplays report of passenger jet drone strike

Speaking before a House of Lords committee, Robert Goodwill said the British Airways flight may have struck a plastic bag as it approached Heathrow on Sunday.

By April 21, 2016


One of the most remote places on Earth finally gets an airport

Getting to the British territory of Saint Helena, the site of Napoleon's exile, no longer requires spending days on a ship.

By April 22, 2016


Flying a 747 simulator (pictures)

Go inside the British Airways pilot training center and soar above London in a Boeing 747 simulator.

22 Images By April 19, 2016


For this pilot, flying isn't just a job, it's incredible (Q&A)

CNET talks to Mark Vanhoenacker, author of "Skyfaring" who's also a British Airways 747 senior first officer, on why flight is one of the greatest things we do.

By April 19, 2016


My day flying a 747 over London

CNET's Kent German takes the controls of a British Airways Boeing 747 simulator for a flight from Europe's busiest airport. It's thrilling, nerve-wracking and amazing all at once.

By April 19, 2016