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Ford employees can stop the production line with a new wearable

The automaker claims its Portable Quality Assurance Device saves its employees 1 kilometer of walking per day, a huge boon for efficiency.

By February 10, 2016


Rest is assured with Withings Aura Active Sleep System at CES 2014

Withings Aura Active Sleep System is completely dedicated to sleep.

By February 20, 2014


Dell CEO said to mull Blackstone buyout only with CEO assurance

It's unclear if Silver Lake, Blackstone, or Carl Icahn will buy out the PC maker, but Michael Dell is reportedly saying he'll only support Blackstone if he remains the company's CEO.

By March 31, 2013


4G won't interfere with nearby devices, Ofcom assures

Ofcom has ruled that 4G networks won't interfere with nearby devices such as personal alarms and wireless mics.

By August 17, 2012


Foxconn confirms dispute between workers at China factory

Major Apple device manufacturer says a dispute occurred between factory line workers and quality assurance personnel at a plant in China, The Wall Street Journal reports.

By October 7, 2012


SpaceX 'unlikely' to visit International Space Station on May 7

Although the spacecraft was set for a May 7 launch, a spokesperson now says that it's working on software assurance with NASA, and will be forced to delay the launch.

By May 3, 2012


Power Assure box manages power in data center

Data center start-up Power Assure introduces an appliance and hosted application for matching server power with computing demand, which can lower energy usage by as much as 50 percent.

By September 20, 2010


Slip-on wine thermometer assures a good time

The Trudeau Digital Wine Thermometer make it easy to decide which bottle is ready to open.

By June 28, 2010


HTC begins testing Gingerbread update for Desire

The Android 2.3 update is being tested by HTC with quality assurance set to begin within the next few days.

By June 30, 2011


Oh Kno it didn't! Tablet gets tested by Lego robot

The big dual-screen tablet aimed at students gets some quality assurance backup from a cool little homemade robot.

By January 31, 2011