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Apple's iRadio service


Microsoft outs Band fitness wearable in Apple App store screenshots

The new device's sensors will track heart rate, steps taken, calories burned and sleep, according to a Microsoft privacy statement.

By October 29, 2014


Google Play Music makes its debut in Apple's App Store

The application allows people to listen to the millions of songs in its library, as well as upload up to 20,000 of the user's own songs to the service for access elsewhere.

By November 15, 2013


Is Apple's App Store a cellular data hog?

iPhone and iPad wireless subscribers may want to think twice about searching for and downloading new apps from the Apple iOS App Store while on the go.

By September 26, 2011


Financial Times pulls apps from Apple's App Store

The newspaper's iOS apps have disappeared from the App Store and been replaced by a specific Web-based mobile app designed for both the iPad and iPhone.

By September 1, 2011


Apple: 'App Store' not a generic term

In ongoing legal dispute with Amazon over the name of Apple's applications marketplace, Apple files counterclaim that "app store" is not a common way to describe a place to buy downloadable apps.

By May 20, 2011


TweetDeck returns to Apple's App Store

After being pulled from the App Store due to a bad crashing bug, TweetDeck for iPhone has a new version that includes Facebook integration, video uploading, and trending topics.

By November 10, 2009


Apple: App Store rejection takes 6 minutes

Apple has revealed its App Store approval staff get just six minutes to make the crucial decision for each app: is it in or is out?

By August 24, 2009


Mobile companies chasing Apple's App Store

Apple iPhone users have downloaded more than 1.5 billion applications, and competitors are hoping to replicate the success. But will they hit app gold, too?

By July 14, 2009


'iRadio' on the cards as Apple reportedly nabs Sony deal

Apple's rumoured streaming music service could make its grand debut at next week's WWDC.

By June 7, 2013


Apple buys piracy-measuring, buzz-tracking service Musicmetric

Apple has quietly snapped up a UK company that goes beyond the charts to measure the latest pop sensations.

By January 21, 2015