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Nielsen: 1 in 2 own a smartphone, average 41 apps

According to the latest report published by Nielsen, 1 in 2 mobile subscribers owns a smartphone of some kind and those smartphone owners average 41 apps per device.

By May 16, 2012


Facebook, Nielsen to devs: Smartphones are your future

At the AppNation conference in San Francisco, Facebook and Nielsen execs roll out data to show why developers should be putting their eggs in mobile baskets.

By November 30, 2011


How 3D ads will make their way on to your phone

Mobile advertising company Smaato and digital content start-up Cooliris are working to deliver 3D ads to mobile devices. But will people respond?

By November 28, 2011


Microsoft's mobile fortunes tied to app developers

The success of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform is in the hands of developers, who are starting to port mobile apps to the new operating system.

By March 9, 2011


Developers react to Apple's relaxed app approval process

Apple recently announced that it will be relaxing its regulations for developers that hope to get their apps into iTunes. We hit up Appnation and got some reactions to the news.

By September 14, 2010


NutriSleuth aims to make grocery shopping easier

A new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch goes beyond nutrition and calorie counting. NutriSleuth hopes to make it easier to shop for a family with multiple dietary needs.

By September 15, 2010