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Comcast AnyPlay will stream live TV to your iPad

Launched yesterday in Nashville and Denver, Comcast's AnyPlay lets Xfinity TV and Internet customers stream live TV to their iPad. Support for the Motorola Xoom is coming.

By January 11, 2012


Sonos offers 6 months of Google Play Music with purchase of any player

The promotion is available until July 5 and gives you unlimited streaming of Google's subscription music service for six months.

By May 28, 2014


Pioneer NEX receivers will make any car iOS CarPlay-compatible

A firmware update for Pioneer's NEX series car stereos will add Apple CarPlay compatibility to their already impressive feature set.

By May 19, 2014


Pure Jongo wireless speakers play any streaming music source (pictures)

Pure is launching a new streaming speaker into the US, plus a bunch of new colors in its lineup.

10 Images By January 9, 2014


Sexy Chromecast trick: It can play video files from any computer

Forget streaming from Netflix and all that jazz. Chromecast can play back MP4 files (and other formats) from your PC or Mac like a champ.

By July 25, 2013


How to AirPlay almost any video, even if AirPlay isn't in the app

Not all apps with video support AirPlay, but there's still a way to use AirPlay with some of them. Here's how.

By April 11, 2012


Play old-school Atari games in any HTML5 Web browser

Ever get a hankering for some old-school Atari? Now you can play eight classic video games in any HTML5 Web browser, even on touch-screen smartphones and tablets.

By August 30, 2012


How to stream any music player app to AirPlay-enabled speakers

Streaming music to AirPlay-enabled speakers is easy--if the app's developer built it with that in mind. Here's how to do it with any app that plays music.

By March 21, 2012


BlackBerry PlayBook isn't making any money as cunning plan backfires

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet isn't making any money, according to new reports. A cunning plan to sell lots of the iPad-challenging tablet has backfired, leaving BlackBerry way out of pocket.

By July 14, 2011


VLC for iPhone plays nearly any video file

Having already splashed down on the iPad last month, VLC is now available for iPhone as well, making virtually all video formats playable without conversion.

By October 26, 2010