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Six things Nokia did to make the modern cell phone

Microsoft is buying Nokia's phone business for $7.2 billion. For that cash, Microsoft is getting a lot of cell phone history.

By September 2, 2013


Twitter considering acquisition of Sense Networks?

Microblogging site could use the geolocation startup to power its local targeted ads effort, TechCrunch reports.

By July 3, 2012


Microsoft writes off $6.2B for failed Aquantive acquisition

Microsoft is taking a hefty goodwill writedown for its 2007 purchase of Aquantive. The acquisition didn't deliver the ROI the software giant hoped for -- to put it mildly.

By July 2, 2012


Charting the ripple effects of Sony's cloud-gaming acquisition

What does Sony's Gaikai purchase mean for the gaming, TV, and mobile industries?

By July 2, 2012


Beats finally set to announce acquisition of MOG

The company co-founded by Dr. Dre is at long last ready to unveil the acquisition deal that was first reported on in March, sources tell CNET.

By June 29, 2012


HTC to move forward with S3 Graphics acquisition

Smartphone maker HTC says it will move forward with plans announced last year to buy S3 Graphics, even though the company's patents may not be much help in fending off further attacks from Apple.

By June 12, 2012


The paradox of Microsoft's Skype acquisition integration

A brief survey of acquisitions indicates that integration appears to be the way to go. What does that mean about the line Microsoft is walking with the Skype acquisition?

By May 29, 2012


Zynga defends acquisition of Draw Something

Despite the game's plummeting popularity, Zynga still sees Draw Something as a valuable franchise.

By May 23, 2012


Twitter adds to acquisition roster with RestEngine team

Twitter's hired most of the team behind social e-mail marketing company RestEngine.

By May 10, 2012


AT&T eyes smaller spectrum acquisitions

AT&T likely became gun-shy after the T-Mobile deal collapsed. The company remains mum on Verizon's spectrum.

By April 24, 2012