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ARPA-E Summit


Five things we learned at the ARPA-E Summit

Scientific research and entrepreneurship in clean energy is alive and well at the ARPA-E Summit.

By February 29, 2012


For ARPA-E research, questions over what next

The DOE's ARPA-E is funding energy research and development but the agency is seeking to engage large industrial companies to bridge the gap from lab to market.

By May 3, 2011


ARPA-E a litmus test for energy R&D agenda

The ARPA-E Summit opens today to tout potential game-changing clean energy technologies and convince Congress to further fund the program. Entrepreneurs say the program helps long-term projects.

By March 1, 2011


At ARPA-E, energy meets innovation

Your guide to the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit this week, where startups and research institutions are showing off the latest inventions in cleaner energy.

By February 28, 2012


It takes a village (of scientists) to reinvent energy

This week's ARPA-E Summit brought together scientists and entrepreneurs aiming for a breakthrough in energy technology with everything from cheap solar cells to super-efficient gas engines.

By March 5, 2010


In clean energy R&D, a spark--but then what?

The ARPA-E program is funding promising cutting-edge research, but there are financial and policy barriers for getting those technologies to a meaningful scale.

By March 4, 2011


Steven Chu puts clean energy on faster learning curve

DOE chief says research will reshape energy's future, enabling grids that run on renewable energy and creating batteries and vehicles that are both more efficient and powerful.

By February 28, 2012


Start-up pumped for compressed air wind storage

General Compressions lands first tranche of planned $54.5 million series B round to build underground compressed-air storage system tied to wind turbines.

By June 7, 2011


Microbe helps convert solar power to liquid fuel

By pairing biology and photovoltaics, a new "electrofuel" system could build alternative fuels.

By March 30, 2012


Tobacco farms--a vehicle for growing fuel?

Aiming for a breakthrough in biofuel production, Berkeley National Lab project seeks to tweak tobacco plants with hydrocarbon-producing properties of algae and cyanobacteria.

By February 27, 2012