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Get a loaded HP gaming desktop for $599 shipped

The infamous HP Pavilion M9350F returns, this time for a lower price--and it's new, not refurbished! That means you get a 1-year warranty instead of just 90 days. Gold.

By June 2, 2009


Get a loaded HP gaming desktop for $619.99

This refurbished Pavilion M9350F is packed to the gills with power-user features, including a quad-core processor, 6GB of RAM, a 750GB hard drive, and a TV tuner.

By January 16, 2009


Lucid's Hydra 100 shows its stuff

We report on a live demo of LucidLogix's Hydra technology.

By August 20, 2008


Win a PC on YouTube

iBUYPOWER launches video PC line with YouTube contest.

By August 8, 2008


Gateway goes all 64-bit in back-to-school desktops

Gateway introduces back-to-school desktops.

By June 30, 2008