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How to talk, text and send emoji like Dick Tracy on your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch offers a lot of ways to communicate. Here's what it can do and how to do it.

By April 22, 2015


Acer Aspire Ethos AS8951G

The 18-inch Acer Aspire Ethos AS8951G is a huge multimedia powerhouse laptop with a unique removable touchpad remote control. It's a clever idea, but one that might be a bit ahead of of its time.

October 4, 2011


Acer's Aspire Ethos 8951G review: Need a laptop with a detachable touch pad?

The $1,599 Acer Aspire Ethos AS8951G includes a touch pad that pops right out from the laptop chassis and can be used as a portable remote control.

By July 27, 2011


Alienware M18x review: It's massive

Alienware again pushes the boundaries of laptop performance (and price) with high-end parts and a great-for-gaming 18-inch screen.

By August 16, 2011