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Intel X25-M High Performance SSD (80GB)

Intel's X-25M solid-state hard drive enjoys several advantages over both spinning disk drives as well as other SSDs, including improvements to data throughput, boot time, and laptop battery life. Its one drawback is that it's pricier than even its other solid-state competition, but if you can forget about its cost, this is by far the fastest data drive available.

By Oct. 8, 2008

4 stars Editor's rating Oct. 8, 2008

Crave giveaway: Intel 80GB solid-state drive

For this week's giveaway, we're giving away a high-performance 80GB solid-state drive from Intel that works in notebook or desktop computers.

By Dec. 24, 2010


Get an 80GB Zune for $129.99 shipped

Cheap things come to those who wait! Originally $249, the Zune 80 can now be yours for half the price. It rocks 80GB of storage, Wi-Fi syncing, and an FM tuner.

By Nov. 23, 2009


Ximeta NetDisk (80GB)

If your computer's hard drive is choking on all that the Internet has to offer, Ximeta's NetDisk can be a place to stash it all quickly and easily.

By Oct. 18, 2004

3.5 stars Editor's rating Oct. 18, 2004

FIA On3 (80GB)

Despite some impressive features, the FIA On3 digital media jukebox isn't quite ready for prime time.

By Sep. 2, 2004

3 stars Editor's rating Sep. 2, 2004

Pricing not available


Sony PlayStation 3 (80GB)

Even though PS2 backward compatibility has been dropped from this version, the 80GB PS3 is still a superb Blu-ray player and high-definition game console, and worthy of being named our top gaming gift for 2008.

By Oct. 29, 2008


Sony dropping 80GB PS3 in Japan?

An alleged internal document from 7-Eleven, which sells games in Japan, is making the rounds in the blogosphere and fueling speculation that a new model is on the way.

By Aug. 4, 2009


Panasonic HDC-HS200: 80GB of goodness

The Panasonic HDC-HS200 is a hybrid high-definition camcorder packing an 80GB hard drive. Just the thing to distract us from the tyranny of summer, with all this talk of 'going outside'

10 Images By Jun. 2, 2009


Mirra M-80 Personal Server

The Mirra is a personal server that delivers automatic backup and file sharing for homes and small offices with multiple PCs.

By Oct. 10, 2004

3 stars Editor's rating Oct. 10, 2004

Pricing not available


Maxtor DiamondMax 80 (80GB

If you require massive amounts of storage, this drive is a good choice.

By Apr. 23, 2001

3.5 stars Editor's rating Apr. 23, 2001

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