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DecaWave chip adds accuracy when locating indoor objects

The ScenSor DW1000 tunes in to wireless technology to let people locate important items such as medical equipment or even children.

By November 8, 2013


These smart light bulbs heed iOS, Android devices

The initial bulbs are for industrial use, but manufacturer TCP says it will soon be offering the same CFL and LED lighting options to consumers.

By May 18, 2011


Paul Allen funds wireless chip start-up

Ember, a start-up developing chips for ZigBee, gets money from Paul Allen's venture fund. Bob Metcalfe comes aboard as chairman.

By October 1, 2004


Building a wireless nervous system

Someday, the Internet could be used to track conditions in office buildings, waterways and battlefields. But right now, miniature wireless sensors have barely made it out of the lab.

By May 12, 2004


ZigBee to keep network market buzzing

A group of leading technology companies will meet this week to further develop an emerging wireless networking technology aimed at home automation.

By February 17, 2003