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Want to stump Siri? Try 'What's 3.23 minus 1.27?'

Siri seems to be mathematically challenged when trying to subtract certain numbers with decimal points. She'd rather focus on the calendar. See what you get.

By December 5, 2013


Humble Indie Bundle adds Lone Survivor, Braid, Super Meat Boy

The current Humble Indie Bundle has added three more primo games to its line-up.

By June 8, 2012


Web 2.0 a catalyst in Oracle's Fusion

Net-related tools are a driving force in the project, which will fuse together various products picked up in acquisition spree.

By October 25, 2006


Oracle's Phillips touts Fusion's heat

The company is baking its Fusion strategy into its enterprise software applications "at the factory."

By October 22, 2006


Oracle details postmerger plans

Oracle's executives take the stage in San Francisco to talk up its software redesign effort--Fusion.

By January 18, 2006


'Project Fusion' to dominate Ellison's calendar

With the buyout of PeopleSoft complete, the Oracle CEO says he's now free to focus on a combining of Oracle and PeopleSoft products.

By January 18, 2005


In wake of takeover, Oracle unveils product plans

The database giant reveals its plans for a new product line, support of PeopleSoft products and other details.

By January 18, 2005


PC Connection to buy Cyberian Outpost

The direct marketer of personal computers says it has agreed to a stock-swap acquisition of the struggling company, one of the first online retailers.

May 30, 2001


IPOs reveal split personalities

One company jumps 174 percent, another climbs a scant 1.5 percent, and the third falls 25.5 percent below its offering price.

July 25, 2000


Medical Manager settles Y2K suit

The medical equipment vendor will provide a Y2K-ready upgrade without charge to customers who filed suit, in the second court case on the Y2K bug to be settled.

December 17, 1998