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Markets end in negative territory--again

Wall Street continued downward trend for fourth consecutive day, despite President Bush unveiling a new stimulus package.

By January 18, 2008


Rambus wins major round in FTC case

A Federal Trade Commission judge dismisses the agency's suit that alleged the chip designer engaged in antitrust practices regarding SDRAM, the most common memory found in the market.

By February 18, 2004


Dow, Nasdaq turn in triple-digit losses

Profit warnings from Nortel Networks and Palm send technology stocks into a tailspin.

March 28, 2001


Palm's acquisition offer likely to survive

Although the value of Palm's offer to buy Extended Systems has been cut in half by the handheld maker's stock collapse, analysts expect the deal to go through.

March 29, 2001


Palm slapped for its grand ambitions

Shares in the handheld giant plunge nearly 50 percent when investors realize the company vastly overestimated demand amid a weak economy.

By March 28, 2001


Market takes some tech CEOs on a roller-coaster ride

Top executives at tech-heavy stalwarts such as Hewlett-Packard and Apple find themselves back at square one--with share prices at or below where they stood when they began.

By January 22, 2001