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BlackBerry PlayBook to host 7digital Music Store

Research In Motion's upcoming tablet will come with a DRM-free MP3 store preinstalled. 7digital, based in London, offers more than 13 million MP3s.

By Mar. 9, 2011


BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will have built-in 7digital Music Store app

Good news for music-lovin' CrackBerry fans -- the PlayBook will come with a 7digital Music Store app when it launches this year.

By Mar. 9, 2011


7digital launches web-based music store to rival iTunes on iPad and iPhone

UK firm 7digital has launched an HTML5 digital music store for mobile devices, which can be used on iPhone and iPad as a rival to iTunes, streaming your purchases over the air.

By Feb. 22, 2011


7digital tilts at iTunes with iPad app and Samsung Galaxy Tab music hub

7digital is building a musical empire out of tablets, signing on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Toshiba Folio and even the iPad.

By Oct. 20, 2010


7digital music store hits BlackBerry: Hands-on photos

The online MP3 store has created a jazzy new BlackBerry app that serves as both store and music player for several of the newer email phones

5 Images By Oct. 6, 2009


Spotify lets you buy 7digital MP3s without leaving the app

You can now buy DRM-free MP3s from 7digital without leaving Spotify. We tried it out, buying Lily Allen tracks so you don't have to

By Oct. 15, 2009


7digital and Spotify: We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do

Music store 7digital has teamed up with the music-streaming service Spotify, which apparently isn't going to stop until it has taken over the world

By Mar. 30, 2009


Songbird media player's new 7digital MP3 store tested

The Songbird music players has just launched a new version that incorporates 7digital's US and UK MP3 download store, exactly like iTunes. We've tested it, and love it

2 Images By Mar. 17, 2009


7digital: Legal MP3s from EMI, linked to Last.fm

7digital has launched a new site offering EMI's entire catalogue in MP3, without DRM. It has also partnered with Last.fm and offers a permanent backup facility for your music

By Jun. 12, 2007


7digital to go completely DRM-free: MP3s from all major labels

Crave confidently expects 7digital to announce next week that it has acquired Sony BMG's catalogue of DRM-free music downloads

By Sep. 8, 2008