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Canon EOS 7D

An excellent midrange dSLR, the Canon EOS 7D delivers for the money.

By Dec. 9, 2009

4 stars Editor's rating Dec. 9, 2009

Canon EOS 7D

An excellent midrange dSLR, the Canon EOS 7D delivers for the money.

Dec. 10, 2009


Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D

The well-designed Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D is a good all-around performer and a no-brainer for owners of Maxxum AF lenses.

By Jun. 23, 2005

4 stars Editor's rating Jun. 23, 2005

Canon EOS 7D photo samples

Sample photos taken with the Canon EOS 7D and an analysis of the camera's image quality.

12 Images By Dec. 10, 2009


Flames scorch Canon 7D, but flash card survives

A burning car isn't a great place for a higher-end SLR and a laptop. The good news: the SanDisk memory card and the MacBook's hard drive survived.

By Aug. 17, 2010


Canon 5D Mark II, 7D get mode dial upgrade

The adjustment will allow the mode dial to be locked in place, much like the implementation on the EOS 60D, to prevent the accidental changing of settings.

By Dec. 3, 2010


Canon EOS 7D braves cold temperature, snow

Photographer Ole Jorgen Liodden recently brought his EOS 7D to the Antarctica for an assignment, and is glad to report that the camera emerged unscathed.

By Dec. 10, 2009


Canon says firmware fixes 7D ghost images

An update to Canon's EOS 7D SLR takes care of a problem where traces of one image could show in the next.

By Nov. 6, 2009


Canon EOS 7D design and features (photos)

A discussion of the design and features of the Canon EOS 7D.

8 Images By Dec. 10, 2009


Pentax takes on Canon 7D, Nikon D300s with K-5

Pentax's new dSLR slides into the top of its product line, with speed and video capture features designed to appeal to entry-level pros.

By Sep. 20, 2010