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Vitamix 7500

As tempting as that freakishly powerful motor is, it's difficult to justify the $529 Vitamix over some of the more affordable competitors available.

By Oct. 29, 2013

4 stars Editor's rating Oct. 29, 2013

Showing off the Vitamix 7500

It's one of the most powerful blenders available -- but is it worth the price?

Oct. 29, 2013


Get to know the Vitamix 7500 (pictures)

How much blender can $529 buy you? Come take a look.

8 Images By Oct. 29, 2013


Nokia Prism - 7500 (unlocked)

The Nokia Prism is an attention-getting phone with fine features, but its performance and usability were underwhelming.

By Sep. 26, 2007

3 stars Editor's rating Sep. 26, 2007

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Sanyo MM-7500 (Sprint)

The Sanyo MM-7500 eclipses the competing Sanyo MM-9000 in look and feel, but when you cut to the chase, it does not deliver the features necessary for a complete multimedia experience in Sprint's newest EV-DO network offering.

By Mar. 23, 2006

3.5 stars Editor's rating Mar. 23, 2006

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Photos: Hands-on with the Motorola International 7500

If you think the iPhone or G1 are the ideal handsets for you, you'll be very keen to get your grubby mitts on the Motorola 7500 -- it's a truly groundbreaking device

By Nov. 6, 2008


Nokia 7500 Prism (Unlocked)

The Nokia 7500 Prism has a unique design, but the slippery keypad makes it unappealing.

May. 22, 2008


Nokia 7500 Prism in pictures

Nokia's new phone is pretty but not entirely user-friendly.

By Sep. 27, 2007


Photos: Nokia 7500 Prism

Nokia's 7500 Prism puts a big emphasis on design.

9 Images By Sep. 26, 2007

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Alienware Area-51 ALX 7500

Alienware's new Area-51 ALX 7500 brings all of the customizability we've come to know and love from the boutique PC vendor, and in this case, that gives you a number of options. Two things you can bet on: it will include the most advanced technology available, and it won't come cheap.

By Apr. 4, 2005

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