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Ruckus intros affordable enterprise access points

Ruckus announces the ZoneFlex 7300 series of enterprise access points that have the starting price lower than $500.

By March 15, 2010


Can IE compete on a level playing field?

Starting March 1, Microsoft will have to learn to compete in the browser market again due to an EU antitrust agreement. This should be good for consumers, but also for Microsoft and its competitors.

By February 19, 2010


Microsoft updates Windows Vista test code

The software maker releases an update that adds an improved version of Internet Explorer 7 and other features.

By October 17, 2005


Waging battle on foreign labor

Concerns that H-1B visas are being used to hire cheap workers who threaten U.S. jobs and wages renew opposition to the program.

October 6, 2005


Vista feature exposes beta machines

Unexpected peer-to-peer feature in the beta version of next Windows catches some testers off-guard.

By August 18, 2005


Invention intervention--fixing the patent system

Lawyers, companies and politicians all agree that the system is in desperate need of reform. But agreement ends there.

August 4, 2005


Oracle ruling highlights complexity of market

Business-software maker's antitrust victory may pave the way for accelerated merger activity in overcrowded IT markets, experts say.

By September 13, 2004


At LinuxWorld: Corporate Linux at no charge

special coverage Open-source advocate Bruce Perens wants to cut support costs. Also: Thin-client makers embrace the penguin.

August 5, 2004


For Oracle, a range of acquisition targets

CEO Larry Ellison says software makers Siebel and BEA are on the company's wish list.

By June 21, 2004


Offshoring: How India is handling the backlash

Digital Agenda In contrast to the heated reaction from some U.S. workers, the country most associated with offshoring is subdued and puzzled by the opposition that has arisen.

May 6, 2004