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Cree cuts the price of its LED floodlight

Originally priced at $20, Cree's newly improved BR30-shaped bulb now costs just $10.

By May 26, 2015


Get a DataJack MiFi Hotspot for $49.99

You also get a free 200MB data plan for the first month. After that, service will run you at least $9.99 -- but the good news is there's no contract.

By April 4, 2012


Insiders skeptical of Sony's 'mistake' on Houston music prices

Sony says an "employee error" was the cause of a price hike on Whitney Houston music following her death. Yeah? Then why hasn't Sony issued refunds?

By February 15, 2012


Royal Mail iPhone app lets you put your own stamp on stamps

The new Smilers app takes your photos and turns them into stamps, sent to you in sheets of 10 or 20 with a range of themes. Don't worry royalists -- the Queen's head is safe.

By January 26, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 678: Buzzkill Tuesday

Hulu's coming Wednesday! Ars Technica says it's lame. Beatles on iTunes! Michael Jackson says no. Sprint's superfast data for HTC Mogul only. Get the picture?

By March 11, 2008


Netflix: How to build a killer community

Netflix's community features are what sets them apart from other movie services and have made them a serious presence over the summer.

By August 17, 2007


Redback Networks is back

The networking equipment company emerges from bankruptcy protection and completes a financial restructuring, eliminating $467 million worth of debt.

By January 5, 2004


TiVo boosts revenue target

The company, which makes digital video recorders, doubles its previous revenue target for its second quarter, courtesy of a recent licensing pact.

August 7, 2002


Market anxiety trips up techs

Concerns about the software market and apprehension about Intel's business weigh on the tech markets, despite news that the DOJ is ending its battle with Microsoft.

By September 6, 2001