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Opera 6.02 for Mac

Opera is a bit faster than Internet Explorer, and it offers solid features, but it's slower than both Safari and Camino.

By July 29, 2003

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Opera declares "Linux bonanza week"

Norwegian browser maker Opera Software announced a distribution deal with a German Linux provider and released a minor, "point" upgrade to its Linux browser. The two announcements are part of what the Oslo-based, second-rung browser provider called its "Linux Bonanza Week." Under the distribution deal, SuSE will include Opera in its 8.0 version of the open source Linux operating system. The browser upgrade, to version 6.02, comes after a similar upgrade announced this week for Opera's Windows browser, and corrects the same bugs in its support for Asian characters. The upgrade, along with a deal announced this week with Chinese software reseller Redflag Software Technologies, reflects Opera's strategic shift toward China, which has adopted policies that favor nonproprietary software, specifically Linux.

By July 3, 2002


Game sales drop in 2000

Overall U.S. sales of computer and video game software were down slightly in 2000, according to a report by the Interactive Digital Software Association. It was the first decline since the group began tracking sales figures in 1995. Sales were $6.02 billion last year, down from $6.1 billion in 1999. Console game software accounted for $4.1 billion of the 2000 total; computer games contributed $1.55 billion; and "edutainment" software came in at $365 million. Video game rentals, which aren't included in the overall figure, were tallied at $919 million, up from $880 million in 1999.

By February 13, 2001