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Best 4G deals with a sweet 5GB of data

If you want to stream videos and download apps on 4G, you'll need a decent amount of data. We look at the best deals.

By Jan. 8, 2014


Cubby out of beta, offers free 5GB accounts to all

That's more storage than you get from Dropbox, plus unlimited file syncing among your PCs and mobile devices.

By Nov. 28, 2012


Google Drive: How about 5GB for free?

The storage service will reportedly be unveiled next week with 5GB of free cloud space for each user.

By Apr. 16, 2012


HTC Android phones to get 5GB Dropbox storage

HTC plans to provide 5GB Dropbox storage for free with all of its Android phones.

By Oct. 24, 2011


Sprint boasts mobile hotspot add-ons but kills 5GB plan

Although the mobile carrier is launching hotspot add-ons, its users now have to pay more for their data plans as the 5GB for $30 per month plan becomes defunct.

By May. 22, 2012


Google Drive stores your data online, with 5GB for free

Google Drive is official, giving you 5GB of free online storage. But does Google lay claim to your data?

By Apr. 25, 2012


Google Docs upped to 5GB of storage; hints at Google Drive

Company dramatically increases the amount of storage available on Google Docs. Is that a sign that Google Drive is just around the corner?

By Apr. 24, 2012


Google Drive launching next week with 5GB free storage?

Google's Dropbox-style storage tool is expected to launch next week, offering you 5GB of data.

By Apr. 17, 2012


Google Drive leaks -- packs 5GB storage, in-app doc editing

A leaked screenshot of Drive reveals the service will offer 5GB of free storage, beating Dropbox.

By Mar. 31, 2012


Multi-deal Monday: 5GB of free cloud storage, a Harmony remote for $29.99, and more!

That's the Harmony 650 with the color screen, by the way. Also on tap: killer deals on a 3D-ready projector and a Wi-Fi-enabled external drive.

By Aug. 13, 2012