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Apple's iPhone growth hits a wall

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus just couldn't muster the same excitement as their predecessors. Apple says that in the March quarter, iPhone sales are in for their first slump ever.

By January 26, 2016


Donald Trump to skip Fox debate after consulting Twitter

Republican front-runner polls Twitter followers after lobbying to have Fox News host Megyn Kelly removed as a debate moderator.

By January 26, 2016


'Thriving' Facebook sees big gains on mobile

The world's largest social network continues its march of domination as it signs up advertisers eager to reach its vast mobile audience.

By January 27, 2016


Samsung Galaxy Mega phones tipped for vast low-res screens

Samsung's reportedly working on 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega smart phones, but with low-res screens, will they be super cheap?

By April 9, 2013


Samsung goes Mega with two new Galaxy smartphones

One of the big-framed phones features a 5.8-inch screen, while the other comes in at 6.3 inches. But they may not be coming to a carrier near you anytime soon.

By April 11, 2013


Samsung Galaxy Mega: is bigger really better?

Samsung sources have suggested that 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch phones may well be on their way.

By April 2, 2013


Samsung Galaxy Fonblet 5.8 has two SIMs, one silly name

A rumoured 5.8-inch dual-SIM smart phone goes by the name Samsung Galaxy Fonblet 5.8, apparently.

By January 21, 2013


Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 dwarfs the iPod Touch, runs ICS

Samsung's Galaxy Player 5.8 has a monster 5.8-inch screen, and comes with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

By August 27, 2012


Nikon Coolpix S1200pj camera projects iPhone, iPad

Nikon's projector cam is back and has a cable for connecting to Apple devices.

By August 24, 2011


GM pays back government loans in full

General Motors today announced the company has made its final payment of $5.8 billion to the U.S. Treasury and Export Development Canada. GM also is investing $257 million in the Fairfax and the Detroit Hamtramck assembly centers.

By April 21, 2010