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Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy S4

How did Samsung improve its next big thing and how does it compare to last year's?

By Feb. 24, 2014


Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S3

Now that we got our hands on the Galaxy S4, we pit its specs against those of its predecessor, the GS3. After all, a little sibling rivalry never hurt.

By Mar. 14, 2013


Groupon eyes Square with national mobile payments launch

The Groupon Payments service was previously only available to Groupon merchants in the San Francisco Bay Area. The expansion is key if its to keep up with market leader Square.

By Sep. 20, 2012


Three name-your-own-price indie game bundles

Pay a little for a few games or a little more for a whole boatload of them. Most are for Windows, but some cover all platforms -- including Android!

By Mar. 6, 2013


Why 4.7 inches is the perfect screen size for the next iPhone

If Apple makes the jump to a larger screen size for a future iPhone, the Moto X's 4.7-inch display seems optimal.

By Aug. 6, 2013


Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the GS4

CNET checks out how the new Galaxy S4 Mini stacks up against its bigger brother, the original GS4.

By May. 30, 2013


Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5, HTC One, and BlackBerry Z10

Now that the verdict's in on the Samsung Galaxy S4, CNET stacks its specs up against those of three other hot flagship handsets.

By Mar. 14, 2013


Apple's hazy, big-screen iPhone ambitions

Apple's Phil Schiller says the challenge is not to make bigger products but to make better, smaller ones. Still, is Apple ready to create a bigger and better iPhone?

By Apr. 10, 2013


Apple shares slip on word of Jobs' leave

Investors respond cautiously to news that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be taking a new medical leave of absence, driving shares down about 4 percent in morning trading.

By Jan. 18, 2011


T-Mobile USA's revenue, profit slide

Carrier attributes dip to its efforts to attract smartphone customers through heavy subsidies of devices and to build up its 4G network.

By Nov. 4, 2010