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WD My Passport Pro

Western Digital announces the first 4TB portable drive that uses Thunderbolt. The new compact external drive is bus-powered and uses two internal drive for the combined storage space of either 2TB or 4TB for the costs of $299.99 and $429.99, respectively.

By Mar. 27, 2014

MSRP: $429.99


Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk

Like the previous version, the Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk offers top capacity and comes in a superflexible design. Supporting USB 3.0, it also offers great performance.

By Sep. 6, 2011

4 stars Editor's rating Sep. 6, 2011

MSRP: $249.99


The 4TB WD My Passport Pro Thunderbolt portable drive is great for Mac users.

CNET editor Dong Ngo, with ease, demos what will happen when you keep putting one and one together, via the all new My Passport Pro from WD. And, like usual, we have no choice but to agree with his brilliant conclusion.

By Apr. 2, 2014


Seagate ships 4TB Desktop HDD

Seagate announces the availability of its 4TB Desktop HDD internal hard drive that offers capacity and performance at a lower cost.

By Apr. 2, 2013


WD ships low-cost high-grade 4TB hard drive

The drive uses enterprise-class components and technologies to offer 24-7 reliability for the storage needs of both data centers and consumer NAS servers.

By May. 28, 2013


WD ships high-performance 4TB hard drive

Western Digital announces the availability of the 4TB WD Black, a hard drive that spins at 7,200rpm and costs $340.

By Nov. 20, 2012


WD ships 4TB enterprise-grade hard drive

Western Digital announces the availability of the WD RE, a high-end, high-capacity hard drive that offers up to 4TB storage and supports the SAS and SATA standards.

By Sep. 27, 2012


Seagate GoFlex Desk review: Hitting the 4TB mark

Seagate announces its first 4TB single-volume external hard drive, the 4TB GoFlex Desk.

By Sep. 6, 2011


Western Digital ups My Book Studio hard-drive capacity to 4TB

Western Digital releases My Book Studio Edition II, a new generation of dual-drive external storage systems that offers up to 4TB of storage space and high performance.

By Jun. 9, 2009


One-terabyte desktop SSD benchmarked, 4TB model on the way

OCZ has shown off a 1TB solid-state disk drive for desktop computers called the Z Drive. It sits in a PCI-E slot, just like a graphics card, it's wicked fast, and a 4TB drive is apparently around the corner

By Mar. 6, 2009