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Fujifilm's latest Wonder Photo Shop pops up in New York

Print, learn and touch Fujifilm products.

By July 18, 2016


Going to the movies has never been so techy

From CNET Magazine: What are movie chains doing to get you out of the house and back in the theater?

By July 15, 2016


Get inside London's Westminster Abbey on Google Street View

​One of the UK's most hallowed buildings -- and biggest tourist attractions -- is now open for a virtual tour.

By July 8, 2016


Ghostbusters in full-suit, full-room VR smells like toasted marshmallows

The future of theme parks is here with The Void's Ghostbusters: Dimension. We got slimed in New York.

By June 29, 2016


Samsung's Gear 360 goes on sale in US on 'limited basis' for $350

The company also launches a new initiative, Samsung Creators, to get more people to make VR videos.

By June 22, 2016


J.K. Rowling hit hard upon learning of Orlando victim's Harry Potter link

Luis Vielma, 22, worked on the "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" ride at Universal Studios Florida theme park.

By June 13, 2016


Why Homer Simpson's pink doughnut is the ring to rule them all

As National Doughnut Day nears, here are 7 reasons we should all celebrate Homer's favorite sweet treat.

By June 2, 2016


Sketchfab's new VR app is a gateway to user-created 3D worlds

All of Sketchfab's files are VR-ready, and on the HTC Vive they look fantastic. It also shows how useful VR can be as a design tool.

By May 17, 2016


Samsung cooks up crazy prototype gadgets like VR camera necklaces, helmet speakers

But we're not going to be able to buy these anytime soon. The gadgets and software come from its C-Lab that lets employees experiment.

By April 29, 2016


3D-printed swimsuit echoes the motion of crashing waves

This swimsuit uses 3D printing to combine sculpture and fashion to create a stunning, one-off garment inspired by water.

By March 9, 2015