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Canon EOS 40D

Great photo quality and excellent continuous-shooting performance are just two of the Canon EOS 40D's many attractions in the digital camera marketplace.

September 20, 2007

3.5 stars Editors' rating September 20, 2007

Asda 3D-printing service makes a tiny ceramic you, for £40

Asda's bizarre in-shop scheme launches next week, and costs £40 per figurine.

By October 10, 2013


New firmware for Canon 40D and Nikon D3, D700

Mostly minor fixes are in for these SLRs from the dominant SLR makers. Nikon had its own 'black dot' problem, though rarer.

By January 21, 2009


Photos: Canon EOS 40D

A tour of the Canon EOS 40D.

10 Images By November 24, 2008


Canon releases EOS 40D v1.0.8 firmware update

Canon has released v1.0.8 firmware update to its EOS 40D DSLR.

By April 14, 2008


Canon EOS 40D

The Canon EOS 40D digital camera's many attractions include great photo quality and excellent continuous-shooting performance.

February 22, 2008


Detailed images from Nikon D3, Canon 40D

Time to start squinting at your screen. Nikon releases sample images from its D3 professional-grade SLR, and Canon 40D shots also are emerging.

By September 12, 2007


Canon updates EOS 40D firmware

Firmware 1.0.5 for the 40D SLR restores raw-image file compatibility with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

By November 21, 2007


Photo samples: Canon EOS 40D

Sample photos shot with the Canon EOS 40D

8 Images By September 19, 2007


Apple R&D spending up nearly 40 percent in 2012

Apple's spending on research and development continues to rise, but is still dwarfed by that of rival technology companies.

By October 31, 2012