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Google demolishes financial expectations to close 2013

For the second year in a row, Google surpassed $50 billion in annual revenue as the company announced its fourth-quarter earnings for 2013.

By Jan. 30, 2014


Ballmer speaks, Yahoo shares rise, again

Yahoo's stock rises nearly 5 percent in morning trading following remarks by Microsoft's CEO on whether he might talk search deal someday with Yahoo's new CEO.

By Mar. 19, 2009


Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G (MetroPCS)

Unless you're addicted to local TV and need anytime access, the Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G isn't money well spent.

By Aug. 9, 2012

3 stars Editor's rating Aug. 9, 2012

NEC MultiSync E231W

The NEC MultiSync E231W offers a lot of features for a relatively low price.

By Oct. 21, 2010

3.5 stars Editor's rating Oct. 21, 2010

Google clears Wall Street profit estimate

Despite economic worries, Google exceeds Wall Street expectations for profitability. Stock rises more than 10 percent in after-hours trading.

By Apr. 17, 2008


HP ProBook 5310m (Core 2 Duo SP9300 2.26GHz

A well-priced ultraportable with some pop, the HP ProBook 5310m is a fine business-travel companion.

By Dec. 7, 2009

3.5 stars Editor's rating Dec. 7, 2009

MSRP: $999.00