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It's not just PewDiePie -- game-related vids are big business

The YouTube star has grabbed headlines over his whopping income. But he's just part of the picture. Game-related videos made by fans and game firms alike are worth $3.8 billion worldwide, says a report.

By July 9, 2015


Mark Pincus steps down from daytime duties at Zynga

The founder and former CEO of the social games company has relinquished all responsibilities as chief product officer, signaling the end of Pincus' operational role at Zynga.

By April 23, 2014


eBay third-quarter earnings beat estimates, but forecast weak

The bright spot during the third quarter was mobile, reaffirming once again CEO John Donahoe's big bet on the medium. Still, eBay shares dropped.

By October 16, 2013


Apple's iPhone 5c might be cheerful, but it's not cheap

The multi-hued, low-end version of Apple's new iPhone forgot to include a low-end price tag.

By September 10, 2013


Apple's iPhone 5C misses the low-cost mark

The Cupertino, Calif., giant needs to sell more devices in places like China, but its new "low-cost" iPhone may not be low enough.

By September 10, 2013


Sharp screens to bring HD-LCD pixels to smartphones

The company has started producing a new range of panels that aim to give smartphone screens the same pixel density of full HD-LCD TV sets.

By October 1, 2012


Apple stock slips after 'rare miss' on earnings

Overoptimism by analysts failed to account for savvy consumers awaiting the latest iPhone, says a J.P. Morgan analyst, who has actually raised his estimates for the current quarter.

By October 19, 2011


Despite strength, Apple earnings miss the mark

Fueled by strong sales of the iPhone, Apple reports revenues of $28.27 billion but misses Wall Street analysts' expectations.

By October 18, 2011


Five things to watch for in Apple's earnings tomorrow

Apple is expected to report another blowout quarter, coming off its record-setting fiscal third quarter in July. All eyes are on the company for sales numbers on key products like the iPhone, iPad, and Macs.

By October 17, 2011


Another blow-out quarter for Apple: $20 billion in revenue

Apple sells 4.1 million iPads, 14.1 million iPhones, and 3.9 million Macs for another record-setting quarter. iPad sales are lower than analysts expected.

By October 18, 2010