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CA to acquire cloud platform provider 3Tera

In 3Tera, one of the earliest providers of cloud-computing software systems, CA is getting both customers and technology.

By February 24, 2010


KDDI chooses 3Tera for cloud infrastructure

Cloud computing pioneer notched a big win with Japanese telecom adopting its AppLogic platform. The big question is whether Japanese IT shops will use the cloud.

By September 14, 2009


Making the cloud more consumable for enterprises

Cloud consumption is on the horizon. 3Tera thinks it has the way to move things forward.

By August 24, 2008


Enterprise "app stores" in the cloud

The recent 3TERA AppStore announcement is the latest example of the software systems marketplace enabled by virtualization and cloud computing. How much of your future IT will be "preconfigured" for the cloud?

By May 19, 2009


CA focuses on virtualization-to-cloud continuum

CA Technologies is looking to get ahead of the curve as enterprises transition from virtualization to private cloud.

By June 24, 2011


Nimbula raises $15 million more for private cloud

Start-up founded by ex-Amazon developers raises big money to bring their private-cloud software to market.

By August 23, 2010


The battle of the cloud OSes begins in earnest

Several heavyweight virtualization vendors entered the platform fray this week, roiling the market and ensuring a fierce battle between them.

By September 16, 2008


Is cloud computing more than just smoke?

The hype cycle is picking up speed, just like it did for utility computing a few years ago. But new tech, notably virtualization, is giving cloud computing more shape.

By March 25, 2008


Explaining the cloud: A container of containers

Analogies make the world go round. The cloud is like a cargo ship packed with containers.

By October 20, 2008


HP launches new cloud efforts in Asia

HP has announced the opening of a new development lab to support cloud initiatives, but is it coming too late to the party?

By February 24, 2010