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Western Digital ships 6TB WD Red NAS hard drive and all-new WD Red Pro lineup

The 5TB and 6TB WD Red hard drives are designed for home NAS servers, while a new WD Red Pro drive, available in 2TB, 3TB and 4TB, is for serious business.

By July 21, 2014


WD ships new Purple hard drive for surveillance applications

WD announces the availability of the WD Purple hard drive. Made specifically for surveillance applications, it's available in 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB capacities for $90, $120, $160, and $200, respectively.

By February 25, 2014


Two hard drive deals for Cyber Monday

Seagate's wireless Satellite Flex 500GB is going cheap on while a 3TB external drive goes for less than a nice meal for the family.

By November 26, 2012


Apple joins hybrid-storage market with Fusion Drive

At its October 23 event, Apple announced a new type of storage device, called Fusion Drive, which combines 120GB of flash storage and a regular platter-based hard drive of up to 3TB.

By October 23, 2012


How startup Backblaze survived a $349 hard-drive price crisis

To avoid breaking a promise not to raise its prices, the online backup company relied on employees and their families to scour the nation's retailers for 3TB drives.

By October 9, 2012


Western Digital ships NAS-specific WD Red hard drive

Western Digital announces the availability of the WD Red hard drive, available up to 3TB, and designed specifically for network-attached storage (NAS) systems.

By July 10, 2012


Western Digital ships 3TB Mybook Studio drive for Macs

Western Digital announces the availability of a single-volume 3TB external hard drive for Macs.

By July 7, 2011


Western Digital announces 3TB drive for AV applications

Western Digital announces a new green hard drive designed specifically for audiovisual applications that offers up to 3TB of storage.

By May 16, 2011


Get a 3TB external hard drive for $125

That's the lowest price--by far--I've ever seen on a 3TB drive. It's new, not refurbished, and available without rebates.

By April 11, 2011


Seagate ships Window XP-friendly 3TB hard drive

Seagate announces the standalone version of its 3TB hard drive with software that allows the drive to work with Windows XP.

By March 1, 2011