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Google AI wants to dominate board games

A computer defeats a master of the ancient board game Go. Is Monopoly far behind?

By January 27, 2016


Feds will test data exchange between cars

Toyota affiliate Denso International America, Inc. showed off its "talking car" technologies to reporters in suburban Detroit.

By August 23, 2011


Assured Access Technology gets $13 million VC investment

Assured Access Technology, Inc., a developer of WAN access switches for public data networks, today announced it has closed a $13 million financing deal through Mayfield Fund, Sequoia Capital, and Worldview Technology Partners, as well as company founders. Next week, Assured Access Technology will introduce a family of WAN access switches designed and built specifically for public data networking, the first such switches that are easy to install, operate and maintain.

September 19, 1997


Short Take: PC card maker appoints executives

PC card maker Centennial Technologies announced the appointment of Richard N. Stathes as senior vice president of sales and marketing. Dr. Jacques Assour was named senior vice president of operations. Both Stathes and Assour previously worked with Centennial CEO Michael Hone at Professional Software Consultants Inc.

September 15, 1997


DEMO 96: Verity technology filters Web data

Verity, Inc., maker of search-and-retrieval software is showing off at Demo 96 new technology that eliminates the need for users to know where data is online and also filters information.

By January 29, 1996