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Stop motion animation created with 3D printing

Creative agency DBLG has created a stop-motion animation by 3D printing every single model for each frame.

By April 15, 2014


HP TouchSmart 620 3D

HP's graceless, overpriced TouchSmart 620 3D has very little to recommend it over competing 3D-capable all-in-ones.

November 18, 2011

2.5 stars Editors' rating November 18, 2011

MSRP: $1,799.00


Print out breakfast with a pancake printer

Brunch for geeks is now even more impressive with this open-source PancakeBot that makes elaborate pancake designs.

By May 21, 2014


3D print your own moving, tracking Portal turret

A 3D-printed Portal turret makes for the perfect watchdog for your very own Enrichment Center.

By June 15, 2014


Why Hollywood loves 3D printing

The movie industry is beginning to see how much value 3D printing offers, especially on effects-heavy films that are made with huge numbers of 3D digital models.

By April 14, 2012


3D print these downloadable shoes overnight

Cubify has launched a range of free-to-download shoes designed by Janne Kyttanen that can be printed overnight at home.

By August 5, 2013


Next-gen 3D runners on iOS

Many people have played Temple Run, but there's a new generation of 3D runners that might unseat the king from its throne atop the genre.

By October 5, 2012


Sony prices latest 3D headset

Compared with its predecessor, the new HMZ-T2, which costs $900, is lighter and supports native film speed.

By September 12, 2012


Nintendo 3DS update adds 3D video recording

That 3D camera on the 3DS just got a little more versatile.

By December 7, 2011


Three Colours Red: Scarlet, Epic and 3D for Red cameras and camcorders

Red is back with characteristically grand claims for its new Scarlet, Epic and 3-D systems. We don't know when we'll see them, but we're excited by the modular concepts

By November 14, 2008