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Google patent points to multi-flash smartphone camera

A new patent granted to Google suggests that camera phones could soon take another slice out of the standalone digital-camera industry.

By January 30, 2013


Apple patent application eyes eye-tracking technology

A freshly published patent application points to a way for iOS devices to respond to your gaze, similar to a feature already found in Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone.

By May 30, 2013


Kodak sues Samsung over patents

Following legal action against Apple, HTC, and Fujifilm, Kodak is now suing Samsung, alleging violations of five patents related to digital photography.

By January 19, 2012


HTC files counterclaims against Apple with patents from HP

The Taiwanese handset maker is ratcheting up its patent battle with allegations that an array of Apple products infringe on two recently acquired patents.

By July 17, 2012


Lawsuit claims professor cut out of Square's original patent

The suit, filed by St. Louis professor Robert Morley, says he came up with the mobile payment company's basic concept and technology. The legal dispute has been going on for several years.

By January 30, 2014


Yahoo swings again at Facebook in patent war

The Yahoo-Facebook slugfest apparently won't be over any time soon, with Yahoo now asserting that Facebook is infringing on two more patents.

By April 27, 2012


Amazon Basics vs. Monoprice: Which HDMI cable to buy?

When it comes to cheap HDMI cables, what's the better option, AmazonBasics or Monoprice? We take a look.

By August 11, 2014


Oracle tries another patent play in Google case

It says the U.S. Patent Office has upheld a Java patent that was previously rejected. Google says the judge dismissed the patent from the case, period.

By April 23, 2012


Apple granted 29 patents, including for first iPad design

Other patents the giant received relate to cooling systems for computer hardware, photo management on iDevices, and crack-resistant glass.

By November 6, 2012


Bradley Manning enters guilty pleas -- on some counts

The soldier accused of providing classified documents to WikiLeaks pleads guilty on 10 of 22 lesser charges and begins reading a statement explaining his actions in court.

By February 28, 2013