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For new Sanyo projector, short is better

It can project an 80-inch image from 3.15 inches away.

By June 13, 2007


Alcatel comes out on top in DSL gear

Telecommunications equipment maker Alcatel grabbed the biggest chunk of the worldwide DSL (digital subscriber line) equipment market in 2001, according to several studies. Research firms RHK and Infonetics reported that Alcatel beat other gear makers with a 41 percent and 42 percent market share, respectively. The firms also sized the worldwide market at $2.3 billion and $3.15 billion, respectively. The figures are based on the number of ports shipped, which takes into account that companies make multiple kinds of boxes that feature different numbers of connection ports for DSL lines. The Dell'Oro Group concluded in its research that Alcatel generated 33 percent of the revenue in the $3.5 billion global market during 2001. The firm based its research on just the revenue each equipment maker earned. RHK analyst Ken Twist said that the France-based company dominates the market because it is one of the first companies to come out with DSL gear that established carriers would buy, a relationship that helped Alcatel gain a head start in the business.

March 7, 2002