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​Under pressure, Canon cuts prices for 33 lenses

High-end lenses are a notch more attainable for Canon SLR users. Some lens prices were cut again after Canon trimmed prices last September.

By April 13, 2015


Citroen concept refits C4 Cactus production model for 118 mpg

Developing new technologies to maximize fuel economy, the French carmaker shows how it can make its standard C4 Cactus model achieve over 100 mpg.

By October 2, 2014


​Yes, Canon's high-end lens price cuts are permanent

Pros and enthusiasts in the US can rejoice that many of Canon's SLR lenses are a notch less pricey now. Better exchange rates might deserve some of the credit.

By September 6, 2014


A waterfall for a wine chiller

The Cooper Cooler VinPodium gives wine bottles a shower to cool them down simply and effectively.

By June 18, 2010


Video reviews round-up: New videos, please!

Like fresh new Wimbledon champ Rafael Nadal, we're winning on all surfaces with this week's video reviews round-up. New videos, please!

By July 7, 2008


Asus Nova Lite: Bringing sexy back to Media Centers

We've already seen the Nova P20 and now we have the privilege of showing you its younger, more attractive sibling, the Nova Lite

By June 26, 2008


Canon makes real on 800mm f/5.6 and 200mm f/2 lenses

Canon has announced spring availability of its new EF800mm f/5.6L IS USM and EF200mm f/2L IS USM lenses.

By January 23, 2008


Canon preps two high-end telephoto lenses

Canon's two upcoming fixed-focal-length lenses--a high-speed 200mm model and massive 800mm model--are geared for pros.

By October 15, 2007


Sexy XC60

Volvo releases details of its XC60 concept

By December 15, 2006