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Saleen S281 Convertible to debut at So Cal Ford show

Saleen Performance Vehicles' new 2010 S281 convertible will debut on Sunday, at the 25th Annual Fabulous Fords Forever, hosted at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, Calif.

By April 21, 2010


Alan Mulally: The CEO who mortgaged Ford's legacy for tech's sake

Few automotive CEOs have pushed a company further and faster than Ford's Mulally. As he steps down, we look back at his impact on the Blue Oval.

By May 1, 2014


Missing directions: Will Apple's old maps app live on forever?

Google Maps on iOS has been replaced with Apple's own technology, but that doesn't mean it's disappearing entirely.

By September 25, 2012


Tour the Midwest with the Road Trip Picture of the Day (pictures)

For seven weeks, CNET's Daniel Terdiman challenged readers to identify photographs taken from his travels. Here's a look at all 49 locations.

49 Images By August 19, 2013


3D printing changing prosthetics forever

For industrial designer Scott Summit, the ability to make perfectly fitted, custom prosthetics is a major goal. But 3D printing is also changing the industry for one-off lamps, shoes and more.

By March 5, 2010


Ford to end 90 years of Australian car production

After an AU$141 million loss, Ford Australia president and CEO Bob Graziano has announced that the company will cease local manufacturing in October 2016.

By May 22, 2013


Ford Fusion wins 2013 Green Car of the Year award

At the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, Green Car Journal announced that the Ford Fusion has won its annual Green Car award.

By November 29, 2012


Alan Partridge radio app puts Alan-chat into your iTunes

The 99p app sees Norfolk's favourite son intruding on your music collection, with bespoke intros for certain artists.

By August 6, 2013


Mobile World Congress: The year's best smartphone party

The annual event in Barcelona, Spain, will produce some of 2013's most exciting smartphone news. Join CNET as we cover the show, inside and out.

By February 22, 2013


Get an HP laptop with two years of 4G service for $259.99 shipped

That's two FREE years of 4G service, though as you might expect, your monthly data allotment is on the low side. Still, gotta love free 4G.

By July 18, 2013