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Facebook wants solar drone to bring Internet far and wide

That boomerang-shaped aircraft you see -- eventually -- will be flying high to bring the Web down to earth where Internet access is hard to come by.

By March 27, 2015


Why an 1891 toilet paper patent is all over Facebook

New attention shines on an old patent as social media revives the great over-or-under toilet paper debate.

By March 18, 2015


Pirate Bay knocked offline worldwide following police raid

Police in Sweden have raided The Pirate Bay and seized servers, citing alleged violations of copyright law.

By December 9, 2014


Oculus Rift 'fantastic' but won't replace movies, says 'Minority Report' FX guru

The men behind the jaw-dropping effects of "Gravity" and "Minority Report" reveal how movies both predict and influence today's tech.

By November 4, 2014


Brock Davis: An artist who gets the Net (Q&A)

For this Minneapolis artist, the Internet isn't just a way to show his work. The constraints and abilities of sites like Instagram, Vine, and Flickr are an intrinsic part of the art itself.

By March 30, 2014


Enter the Hidden Hashtag Sweeps

Find the hidden hashtags in the 2013 CES From the Floor Videos for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

By January 7, 2013


Microsoft sees augmented reality in tablets, phones, laptops

A newly published patent application from Redmond takes the "Minority Report" concept and puts it in mobile devices.

By May 9, 2012


Friday Poll: Most compelling use for natural user interfaces?

The way we interact with computers is set to change over the next several decades. Which use for natural user interfaces excites you most?

By June 17, 2011


RIAA gives thumbs up to France's three-strike law

Following passage of new law, recording industry's Mitch Bainwol says "pattern is clear" that ISPs will work with with content creators to battle illegal file sharing.

By April 8, 2009


Computer virus infects three London hospitals

Worm that spreads via e-mail is believed to be culprit that infected computer networks at three London hospitals.

By November 18, 2008