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Yahoo lucks out; Mexican court chucks $2.75B damages award

After a Mexican civil court ruled that Yahoo had to pay $2.75 billion in damages in a breach of contract lawsuit, a superior court reverses the decision and lowers the amount to just $172,500.

By May 16, 2013


Two-deal Tuesday: A 2TB hard drive for $75 and a 4.3-inch GPS for $43

That's an external hard drive, believe it or not, and an Internet-connected GPS (again, believe it or not). Two deals too good to pass up!

By February 15, 2011


Toyota: Hybrid-home link cuts CO2 75%

Automotive News reports on how Toyota thinks a plug-in hybrid car could link to a smart grid to cut CO2.

By October 15, 2010


Sony 30mm f2.8 DT Macro and Sony 28-75mm f2.8 SAM--photos

Sony announced two new lenses, the 30mm f2.8 DT Macro lens (SAL30M28) and the 28-75mm f2.8 SAM lens (SAL2875).

4 Images By August 27, 2009


eBay sets Skype loose at $2.75 billion valuation

The auction site has sold off its telephony unit, finally, after plans to take it public and a legal dispute with the company's founders.

By November 19, 2009


Square offers nice round number with flat-fee plan

Merchants who use the card reader to process up to $250,000 per year in customer payments can sign on to a $275 per month flat-fee plan, instead of being charged 2.75 percent per swipe.

By August 16, 2012


Publish2 raises $2.75 million to build social network for newsrooms

It may not be live yet, but the news aggregation service is the latest experiment in online journalism.

By March 31, 2008


QuickTime 7.5 (#2): Slow, choppy playback; startup issues; crashes; more

Fixes for the most pressing issues affecting this update.

By June 11, 2008


Utilities Updates: GraphicConverter X 5.9.3; Smultron 2.2.1; A Better Finder Rename 7.5; more

Utilities Updates: GraphicConverter X 5.9.3; Smultron 2.2.1; A Better Finder Rename 7.5; more

By November 8, 2006


Prizefight: Civic vs. Corolla

You'd sneer at this prize fight at $2.75 a gallon--now you're all eyes.

July 11, 2008