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Uber trials even cheaper ride-sharing service in Beijing

As demand for Uber grows in Beijing, the company has launched a new "People's Uber" ride-sharing service at rates below its own UberX.

By August 5, 2014


LinkedIn passes 300M users, says mobile is key to goal of 3.3B

The social network for professional schmoozing wants the entire global workforce to sign on to its service.

By April 18, 2014


Flickr offers three months of Pro service for free

The nothing-to-lose offer comes amid the reverberations following Instagram's changes to its terms of service and subsequent backpedaling on the issue.

By December 22, 2012


Zynga loses $52.7 million in Q3, announces stock buyback

Shares of former high-flying Internet game maker finish the day just pennies above their all-time low.

By October 24, 2012


Google stock reaches record high after Citi report

The company's stock, which has been on a tear as of late, rises after an analyst says it still has lots of room to grow.

By September 24, 2012


Apple stock feels impact of iPhone 4S

The absence of iPhone 5 news put investors off yesterday. Now we'll have to see if there's any lingering effect from that bout of disappointment.

By October 5, 2011


Shareholder sues Google over prescription drug ads

Lawsuit claims the search giant's financial statements have been "misleading" because they didn't include revenue generated from Canadian drug ads displayed in U.S.

By August 30, 2011


The 404 771: Where the #dickbar is our totem (podcast)

Twitter's new "Dickbar" isn't as dirty as it sounds, but it sure gets in the way. We also profile the happiest man in America, demo iBoobs for Android, and introduce Kodak's Deal of the Day: a Dell laptop for $549!

By March 7, 2011


Amazon adds graphics-chip computing service

Tapping into the GPU's power for more than just graphics work is a major trend in computing. Now Amazon Web Services is jumping into the market with a GPU-based service.

By November 15, 2010


DIY chocolate bars put editor in sugar coma

Who hasn't wanted to make a chocolate bar with the toppings of his or her choice? Well, now you can, thanks to German start-up Chocri.

By June 21, 2010