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Verizon to offer 2 BlackBerrys for price of 1

The deal starts Friday and runs through the end of March.

By February 5, 2009


One iPhone, Two Computers, Many Solutions

It's a common dilemma: you have two computers--perhaps one at work, one at home--but only one iPhone, to which you'd like to sync music and other data from both systems. By default, Apple doesn't allow for this scenario in iTunes.

By January 14, 2009


The 404 Yuletide Mini-sode Three: Where one or two movies came out this year

Installment Three of 404 Holiday Mini-sodes invites you to take a look at this year in cinema. Join us as Wilson puts on his critic hat and picks his top three movies of the year. Jeff joins the fun and chooses his favorite films but manages to find plent

By December 29, 2008


Mercedes SplitView tech is two screens in one

Mercedes SplitView technology allows drivers and passengers to view different images on the same screen.

By December 11, 2008


MacPac 2.1 arrives!

MacPac 2.1 arrives!

By September 2, 2009


Are two laptops better than one?

Crave attempts to answer the eternal question: Which laptop should I buy?

By December 9, 2008


Bonjour for Windows 1.0.5 patches two DNS vulnerabilities

Included within iTunes 8, the security patches are specific to Windows 2000, XP, and Vista users.

By September 9, 2008


Fujitsu LifeBook N7010: Are two screens better than one?

The new 16-inch wide-screen LifeBook N7010 has a bonus 4-inch touch-screen display above the keyboard.

By November 4, 2008


Multiple subwoofers: If one's good, two are even better

It's not just a matter of more bass, multiple subwoofers can sound substantially better than a single sub.

By August 27, 2008


AMD to Nvidia: Two chips are better than one

AMD's new dual-chip graphics technology matches Nvidia at high end.

By August 11, 2008