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OmniSky, Office Depot sign deal

Office Depot stores will start selling OmniSky's wireless e-mail and Internet service for handheld devices, the companies said Tuesday. The deal with 500 Office Depot stores will boost to nearly 2,000 the number of online and offline locations to buy the service. Palo Alto, Calif.-based OmniSky's service can be used with certain models of Palm, Handspring and Hewlett-Packard handhelds. Meanwhile, to reflect the recently announced combination of OmniSky International with OmniSky, the company has revised its second-quarter and full-year guidance. San Francisco-based OmniSky had previously expected to lose $32 million to $34 million--or 50 cents to 53 cents per share--for the quarter and $125 million to $130 million--or $1.97 and $2.04 per share--for the year. The company now expects to lose $41 million to $43 million--or 62 cents to 65 cents per share--for the quarter and $146 million to $151 million--or $2.18 to $2.26 per share--for the year.

By May 29, 2001


Short Take: Corel releases construction suite

Corel released Construction Edition for Windows 95, a new version of its WordPerfect Suite designed for companies in the construction business. The suite includes WordPerfect 7, Corel Visual CADD 2.04, Corel Quattro Pro 7, Corel Presentations 7, Corel Time Line, InfoCentral 7, and software for the use of builders, architects, and engineers.

By February 24, 1997