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PS4 2.00 bugs widespread

A major PS4 firmware update is causing systems to crash, but Sony is aware of the problem.

By October 30, 2014


Sennheiser tries to beat Beats with new design for CX headphones

Sennheiser has redesigned its in-ear headphones with the CX range, including red cables that might look familiar...

By August 27, 2014


PlayStation Plus now available on Vita

Sony's handheld gaming device will be getting access to the PlayStation Plus subscription service from 21 November.

By November 13, 2012


AT&T adds new international roaming plans

After announcing Canada and Mexico plans in June, the carrier will introduce international calling plans for Europe and other global regions.

By November 15, 2012


FCC to investigate Verizon's $2 convenience fee

Amid customer fury, the Federal Communications Commission today says it plans to look into Verizon's new $2 fee for paying bills online.

By December 30, 2011


Verizon caves to public pressure and dumps $2 fee

Power to the people! Verizon today says it will dump plans to charge $2 for paying bills online amid a public outcry and threats of an FCC investigation.

By December 30, 2011


Why are people waiting and paying more for iPad 2?

The iPad 2 has proved to be a big hit for Apple with some of the longest, and most persistent, lines of any product launch. But some people aren't just waiting for the product.

By March 17, 2011


More Intel mobile processors surface

Though Intel updated its price list with new mobile processors, some chip prices, including those for new mobile Core i3s, aren't publicly disclosed.

By September 28, 2010


Backup your data to the cloud: A complete guide

Your computer dies, your external hard drive breaks, your house burns down. We tell you everything you need to know about cloud storage so you can avoid these mishaps costing you your data

By July 10, 2009


Why e-books aren't cheaper

One doesn't save as much money as you might think by shifting from paper to electronic form.

By May 27, 2009