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LG's 5-inch 'unbreakable' bendy plastic phone screen on show

This bendy 5-inch screen is LG's first OLED screen made of plastic, meaning it's flexible and much less vulnerable to drops and scrapes.

By May 20, 2013


Protect your keyboard's keys from fading into oblivion

If your backlit keyboard characters are fading to illegible blobs, you can halt the damage with a small piece of household tape.

By April 26, 2013


Dyson £1,000 Airblade Tap tested in hands-on video

Luke Westaway gets his mitts washed and dried by Dyson's £1,000 tap in the hands-on video.

By February 5, 2013


LG bringing high-res tablet, smartphone, and TV screens to CES

LG is doubling down on high-res displays at CES 2013. The company will be showing several TVs, monitors, smartphones, and tablets.

By December 28, 2012


Digital 'pill' tells doctors when you've swallowed it

Sensor powered by stomach acid relays information to a patch worn on the skin, which in turn sends it to a cell-phone app that gives your doctor data on your health and your treatment regimen.

By August 1, 2012


iPhone 4S gets wireless charging thanks to UK modder

An ambitious tinkerer has given his iPhone the power of wireless charging.

By July 9, 2012


Google Nexus 7 teardown shows off honking great battery

The enterprising chaps at iFixit have torn the Nexus 7 apart to show you its intriguing innards.

By July 3, 2012


Google patent application reveals broadband dreams

The Net giant tries to patent a technique for using a flat, flexible housing to lower the cost of bringing a super-fast Internet to homes. Just how big will Google Fiber be?

By March 2, 2012


iPad 3 front case leaks, home button intact

Another alleged part of the iPad 3 has leaked, and -- if true -- confirms the home button will be on board as normal.

By March 2, 2012


Least sexy iPad 3 part re-emerges in colors, with buttons

More alleged photos of the iPad 3's front glass have cropped up today, possibly putting to rest whether the device will nix the home button.

By March 1, 2012