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Google Fiber copycat to deliver 1Gbps broadband in Mississippi

Regional wireless provider C Spire is using the Google Fiber playbook to deliver ultra high-speed broadband in Mississippi. The move could signal a trend in which other companies use the Google business model to bring fiber to other regions of the US.

By Mar. 19, 2014


Samsung 5G tests reach 1Gbps, could launch in 2020

Samsung claims new 5G tests have hit dizzying speeds of 1Gbps, and could be ready for you to use by 2020.

By May. 13, 2013


Google preps launch of 1Gbps broadband network

Google is preparing to launch its 1 gigabit per second fiber-based broadband network in Kansas City.

By Jul. 18, 2012


Time Warner Cable invests $25M to build 1Gbps fiber network

Time Warner Cable is following Google's lead with a 1Gbps fiber network in New York City, except Time Warner will focus on business customers and it hasn't yet announced pricing.

By Aug. 28, 2012


London ISP offers 1Gbps fiber broadband

Hyperoptic says 1Gbps can download a 5.25GB high-def movie in 42 seconds. The same file would take nearly 100 minutes to download at 6.8Mbps, the U.K.'s average broadband speed.

By Sep. 14, 2011


Google 1Gbps network near Stanford is live

Stanford University faculty and professors living near the campus are the first to get access to Google's super fast broadband network.

By Aug. 23, 2011


Universities to bring 1Gbps broadband to local communities

Twenty-nine American Universities are working together to create ultra-high-speed broadband networks in their surrounding communities to spur innovation.

By Jul. 27, 2011


Ericsson demos faster LTE speeds of almost 1Gbps

The mobile equipment maker has demoed a new variant of LTE known as LTE Advanced, which offers speeds ten times faster than today's version.

By Jun. 29, 2011


Verizon demos 1Gbps Fios connection

Verizon Communications shows it can deliver a 1Gbps service over its Fios fiber network, but customers shouldn't expect such a high-speed service anytime soon.

By Aug. 16, 2010


AT&T poised to take gigabit fiber broadband to North Carolina

AT&T says it's in the final stages of negotiating a deal with cities in the North Carolina Triangle region to deploy its U-verse GigaPower gigabit fiber broadband service.

By Apr. 9, 2014