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Peek inside NASA's fascinating 1975 design standards manual (pictures)

Featuring a now-discontinued logo known as "the worm," this manual offers an insider's look at a captivating piece of the space agency's history.

9 Images By September 2, 2015


How a geeky club sparked Apple's first computer and gave Woz a 'Eureka' moment

A 1975 meeting in a Silicon Valley garage inspired the young, shy Steve Wozniak to build the Apple I -- and ignite a legacy.

By September 8, 2015


NASA's 1975 vision of space colonization (pictures)

Space exploration was hardly off the ground when NASA and Stanford took a colorful crack at sketching out massive orbital habitats.

13 Images By November 27, 2012


'Jaws' looks killer on Blu-ray

Director Steven Spielberg says the new restored version of the film looks better than the movie people saw in theaters in 1975 -- and we agree.

By August 14, 2012


FAQ: New Energy Act gets green light

Fuel efficiency mandates are raised for first time since 1975, but tax incentives for renewable power get cut.

By December 19, 2007


Free software and Emacs' origins

News.com reader Richard Stallman, president of the Free Software Foundation, says he, not Java inventor James Gosling, wrote the first Emacs editor, in 1975.

January 23, 2002


Wolverine state sinks teeth into Net auctions

Michigan is jumping into the online auctions game, launching a site that features everything from Tiger Stadium road signs to tickets for a 1975 Elvis concert.

August 25, 2000


Short Take: Ameritrade names new co-CEO

Discount online broker Ameritrade has appointed Thomas Lewis to serve as its co-chief executive officer. J. Joe Ricketts, who founded the firm in 1975, will continue as chairman and co-chief executive officer. The appointment marks an effort to strengthen its technology orientation and focus, the firm said.

March 2, 1999