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Gotham's villains reimagined as 1920s mugshots

Inspired by old mugs taken in Australia, artist Jason Mark finally answers the question, "What would the Joker look like in the Prohibition era?"

By April 12, 2013


1920s folding camera + Canon 5D = awesome

How did two very different cameras become one? With a bit of elbow grease and hot glue.

By April 5, 2012


A GPS device from the 1920s

The Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator from the 1920s is a scroll-map navigator in the shape of a watch.

By July 12, 2010


Bluetooth gramophone adds old-time class to audio streaming

As classy as all get-out, Gramovox's Bluetooth gramophone takes its inspiration from Magnavox's 1920s-era R3 Horn Speaker.

By December 2, 2013


iPhone 5 reservations go live from Deutsche Telekom

A German network is doling out pre-orders for the iPhone 5, but keeping it hush-hush, like a 1920s speakeasy. Come this way.

By September 5, 2011


A cigarette case for the iPod

Borrowing from 1920s style

By April 10, 2007


On the boards

A look back at motor sports in the 1920s and before...on wood.

By December 8, 2008


Even flappers were thinking green

This Web video features two women and a 1920s, three-wheeled, electric, convertible car.

By March 31, 2009


'Harry Potter' director may ride 'Fantastic Beasts' spinoff

Director David Yates is in talks to take on the Harry Potter spinoff "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" by author J.K. Rowling.

By August 25, 2014