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Endless Racing's 1200-horsepower R32 GT-R will change your world

For some, racing means having a race car and a road car. For others, it's a one-car-does-all affair. This GT-R is the former, and then some.

By Aug. 20, 2013


Ep. 1200: Where we play the crying game

On today's 404 episode, we'll discuss the many ways that you can lose your sexual dignity online. From Bang With Friends to Google Street View to Grindr and OKCupid involuntary flash mobs, use this show as a how not to conduct yourself online.

By Feb. 1, 2013


Belkin AC 1200 DB Wi-Fi Dual-Band AC+ Gigabit Router

Despite the novelty of 802.11ac support, the Belkin AC 1200 is a mundane, though decent, Wi-Fi router.

By Aug. 22, 2012

3 stars Editor's rating Aug. 22, 2012
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Denon DVD-1920

Denon DVD-1920

By Sep. 27, 2005

Pricing not available


Magellan RoadMate 1200

Despite ease of use and an affordable price tag, the entry-level Magellan RoadMate 1200 portable navigation system suffers from various performance issues.

By Mar. 12, 2008

3 stars Editor's rating Mar. 12, 2008

Ep. 1200: Making the sausage

On our 1200th episode, we give you special, unprecedented access inside the inner workings of the show. Or, put more accurately, we screw it up a lot. In the news, what little there is post-iPad hangover, a federal appeals court ruled that the FCC lacks the authority to regulate ISPs, Microsoft's Pink project is a collection of cute words coming out April 12, and it's raining tablets.

By Apr. 7, 2010


Richard Solo 1200 - Backup Battery with Flashlight

The Richard Solo 1200 Backup Battery with Flashlight is a great backup battery option for people who use their iPhones and iPods a lot.

By Dec. 2, 2008

3.5 stars Editor's rating Dec. 2, 2008

Pricing not available


Creative Digital HS-1200 Wireless Gaming Headset

The Creative HS-1200 wireless USB gaming headset does a good job with VoIP and games that require voice communication, but overall audio quality is lacking.

By Aug. 21, 2008

3 stars Editor's rating Aug. 21, 2008

MSRP: $99.99


MobiBlu DAH-1200

The DAH-1200 is a classic "kitchen sink" player that does everything reasonably well, but its unintuitive user interface spoils the fun.

By Mar. 3, 2005

2.5 stars Editor's rating Mar. 3, 2005

Pricing not available


The new Multistrada 1200 rolls out

Web video of the new Ducati Multistrada 1200. The new bike promises to be four bikes in one with four riding modes: Sport, Touring, Urban, and Enduro.

By Nov. 9, 2009