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Best 24-inch monitors

With 16:10 aspect ratios, 24-inch monitors find themselves an increasingly endangered species these days; it's good to know which ones stand ahead of the pack.

By September 24, 2012


What's the benefit of 16:9 on a 20-inch monitor?

I have a question. Is having a 16:9 aspect ratio monitor (as opposed to 16:10) really all that beneficial? The answer is, "it depends".

By April 9, 2009


Well actually, 21 and a half will do just fine

With a 16:9, 21.5-inch monitor, you have a native resolution of 1920x1080, whereas with a 16:10, 22-inch, 1680x1050, monitor you have 16 percent less actual usable pixels.

By April 28, 2009


BenQ M2200HD: 16:9, 1080p monitor joy

Monitors with 4:3 or 16:10 aspect ratios are dying out. The future is all about 16:9 displays like the new BenQ M2200HD, which we had the pleasure of testing recently

By January 30, 2009


Short Take: Cabletron pushes networking tool

Cabletron Systems announced a new program to spur sales of its latest SmartSwitch Router networking device. The new SmartPackage for an introductory price of $12,995 includes an eight-slot chassis, power supply, control module, router and management software, and a 16 10/100 mbps Ethernet port card. The promotion is available through September 30.

July 8, 1998


Short Take: Extreme Networks debuts Summit4 switch

Gigabit-speed Ethernet start-up Extreme Networks announced a new switch for server farms that supports 10/100/1000-mbps links. The new Summit4 switch adds six gigabit-speed ports to 16 10/100 ports to provide a back-end device for networks with a variety of server performance requirements. The new gear is available now with prices starting at $24,995.

March 3, 1998