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Dell XPS 14z

The Dell XPS 14z is a nicely designed, well-built 14-inch laptop, but the XPS "z" design works better on the 15-inch version, leaving this model feeling chunky.

By Oct. 23, 2011

4 stars Editor's rating Oct. 23, 2011

MSRP: $1,299.00


Dell Inspiron 14z

The Dell Inspiron 14z thins down the bulky look of the average Inspiron laptop while sacrificing none of the performance or battery life, adding up to an affordable mainstream notebook that's an excellent late consideration for back-to-school shopping.

By Sep. 9, 2011

4 stars Editor's rating Sep. 9, 2011

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Dell Inspiron 14z hands-on

With a graphics card, optical drive, and big 500GB hard drive, this new slim system from Dell offers a great mix of hardware and design for the price.

Jun. 18, 2012


Dell's redesigned Inspiron 14z (pictures)

A hands-on look at Dell's new 14-inch ultrabook.

8 Images By Jun. 19, 2012


Dell XPS 14z

The high-end Dell XPS 14z is an attractive, powerful 14-inch laptop built into a 13-inch body, with plenty of configuration options, including decent graphics.

By Oct. 21, 2011


Dell Inspiron 5423

Dell has managed to give a very upscale feel to its mainstream Inspiron 14z, a 14-inch ultrabook that comfortably juggles price, design, and performance.

By Jun. 19, 2012

4 stars Editor's rating Jun. 19, 2012

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The Dell Inspiron 14z

The Dell Inspiron 14z is lighter and thinner than the Inspiron R, while still being an all-around budget laptop. Could it be the perfect budget back-to-school pick?

By Sep. 8, 2011


Dell XPS 14z review: Thin is a state of mind

Dell's high-end holiday push is the XPS 14z, an upscale MacBook Pro competitor that's plenty powerful, but not really as svelte as Dell suggests.

By Oct. 24, 2011


Dell Inspiron 14z review: Back-to-school special

The shaved-down, affordable Inspiron 14z just might be one of the best budget laptop picks of the early fall.

By Sep. 12, 2011


Dell Inspiron 14z is the MacBook Pro for the PC crowd

Looking like a MacBook Pro for non-Apple fans, the Inspiron 14z is sleek, slim and very, very powerful. But how does it compare to the 15z?

3 Images By Sep. 2, 2011