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Safari Update 2-12-03 released: Flash improvements; more

Safari Update 2-12-03 released: Flash improvements; more

By February 12, 2003


The day a cell phone video led to a murder charge

Technically Incorrect: A police officer in South Carolina appears to shoot a man eight times from behind, while the man is running away. Without video taken by a bystander, there would be only the officer's word.

By April 8, 2015


In browser fight, Microsoft's silver lining grows

The versions of IE that Microsoft cares about are increasing in use, though not enough to outpace falling use of older browsers. Also: Chrome and Safari are still on the rise.

By February 1, 2011


Silicon Valley, Greenpeace co-founder say yes to nuclear

Venture capitalist says nuclear power deserves another look, and a Greenpeace co-founder agrees.

By June 8, 2006


Tech stocks get pounded lower

Technology stocks wrap up a dismal week with more losses as the Nasdaq plunges 65 points to finish at 2,117.62.

March 2, 2001


Hewlett-Packard shares skid despite strong sales

The computing giant sees its shares lose as much as 9 percent despite exceeding analysts' estimates with its report of a rosy quarter fueled by strong PC and software sales.

By August 17, 2000


HP shares dip despite beating estimates

The computing giant's shares slide after reporting net income a nickel a share ahead of estimates.

By May 17, 2000