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Next-gen Nexus 10 could come from Asus not Samsung

New details point to Asus as the next Nexus 10 maker.

By September 19, 2013


Apple iPad (fourth-gen) vs. Google Nexus 10

It's a throwdown showdown between two of the heaviest-hitting full-size tablets. Can Apple's iPad 4 keep its spot as the Prizefight champion, or will Google's Nexus 10 finally take it down? Let's get it on!

By December 10, 2012


Despite the inclusion of its own keyboard, the Archos Gen 10 feels overpriced.

The Archos Gen 10 is the followup to the Archos Gen 9 and includes its own QWERTY keyboard accessory.

By August 23, 2012


Archos Gen10 101 XS

The Archos 101 XS makes performance improvements from the previous generation and includes a full keyboard, but doesn't offer enough to warrant its high price.

By August 22, 2012

3 stars Editors' rating August 22, 2012

MSRP: $399.99


Archos announces Gen10 XS tablet line

The 101XS is the first in a new line of Archos Android tablets. It'll be followed by two others later in 2012.

By August 22, 2012


Open source powers big data index

Interest in open-source tooling and infrastructure for big data keeps growing among developers and traditionally proprietary companies.

By June 13, 2012


Who's topping the big data charts?

Data analysis is becoming mainstream thanks to the rise of Hadoop and other big data tools.

By February 28, 2012


NoSQL goes mobile with the help of CouchDB

Nonrelational databases are finding a home on mobile devices thanks to the newly revamped CouchDB. Big data is moving to some very small places.

By June 2, 2010


NoSQL and the future of cloud databases

New tools dubbed NoSQL may help developers achieve Internet-scale for their database driven applications.

By December 9, 2009


Opening up the cloud

Cloud computing needs to be open. Too much is riding on the risk of proprietary closure of data. Suggestion: make it easy (and free) to develop, but charge for services rendered.

By July 22, 2008